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W-beam Guardrail End Treatment

W-beam guardrail system is very popular among many countries and states. Seven types of end treatments are supplied. Any type is available in special sizes.

W-beam guardrail with boxing glove end treatment
Boxing glove end treatment
W-beam traffic barrier equipped with fish tail
Fish Tail End Treatment
Hot-dipped stubby nose end for W-beam guardrail
W-beam Crash Barrier Stubby Nose End Treatment
W-beam guardrail turned-down end
Turn down end treatment was popular in 1960's. The rail twisted 90 degrees was bent down flat on the ground.
W-beam crash barrier with bull nose end
Bull nose end treatment for w-beam guardrail is often used in highway W-beam safety. Customized sizes will be provided on request.
Breakaway cable terminal equipped with W-beam barrier system
W-beam Barrier with Breakaway Cable Terminal
Sequential kinking terminal for W-beam guardrail in median applications
Sequential kinking terminal (SKT) for w-beam guardrail absorbs energy made by the crash.

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