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Guardrail or Cable Median Barrier Cost Less But Return More

Median barrier is parallel with the highway and used to separate opposing directions of traffic on a divided highway or motorway. It is designed to reduce the risk of errant vehicles especially head-on crash which would be terrible if happens.

Considering the safety of people in the errant vehicle, median barriers should perform well in redirecting light vans, cars and trucks. Traditional concrete barriers is a very common type. Though it is effective and maintenance-free after installation, it should be a little more expensive in the initial cost and more severe injuries.

More and more states and countries prefer to choosing semi-rigid barriers such as W-beam guardrail, box beam guardrail, thrie beam guardrail or cable barriers.

What is the advantage of steel guardrail including cable barrier?

  • Less initial installation cost;
  • Higher life cycle-cost;
  • Absorb energy during a crash.
Cars are running along the W-beam median guardrail
W-beam median guardrail separates the traffic in the opposite direction
High tension cable barrier standing in the center of highway
Cable barrier mounted on weak steel posts is often used as median road barrier to control the direction of vehicles.
Box beam guardrail in the center of motorway
Median box beam guardrail
Thrie beam guardrail at the center of the road
Median thrie beam barrier

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