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Road Crash Barrier Products List

W-Beam Crash Barrier

W-beam crash barrier is a popular traffic vehicle barrier used to protect vehicles and pedestrians. Strong and weak posts are optional.

Box Beam Guardrail

Box beam guardrail is widely used in bridge, highway, factories and other places. Easy installation and no maintenance make it useful.

Open Box Beam Barrier

Open box beam barrier is often used as median crash barrier, crash barrier for highway and motorway where strength is urgently needed.

Thrie Beam Guardrail

Thrie beam guardrail with three corrugated waves absorbs more energy and will be found in median or roadside barriers.

Median Barrier

Median barrier including W-beam or box-beam guardrail, cable barrier is increasingly used in redirecting the vehicle for lower cost and longer life-cycle.

Cable Barrier

Cable barrier, low or high-tension, is increasingly used in roadside or median highway barriers to control the vehicle.

Safety Guardrail

Safety guardrail system is available for warehouses, workshops, car parks and other places where need protective barrier in short length.

W-Beam Guardrail End Treatment

W-beam guardrail has seven end treatments to suit real conditions. Everyone is available for special sizes.