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Cable Barrier - Low Cost & Effectiveness

4-cable guardrail in the center of the highway
Cable guardrail as median guardrail

Cable barrier, also called guard cable or wire road safety barrier (WRSB for short) is getting popular in roadside or median road applications. It includes steel cable and steel posts like H posts. As a result of lower installation cost and effectiveness at controlling vehicles, cable guardrail is increasingly applied by highways or motorways.

Depending on tension strength, cable barrier can be divided into low-tension and high-tension type. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, a high-tension cable barrier system will benefit you more in the long term. If you are not sure which type is right for you, call us for professional advice.

Advantages of Cable Barrier:
Cover less area and transparent;
More desirable for bicyclists and pedestrians;
Low cost and easy installation.

Disadvantages of Cable Barrier:
Not as safe as W-beam guardrail;
Must be fixed after an impact;
Maintenance and repair may be a problem for cold season.

Product Description:
Cable Material: high tensile steel wire;
Surface Treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized;
Cable Diameter: 15 – 30mm;
Post: round, H, U-channel post;
Post surface: PVC coating, green or yellow or as required.

4-cable barrier with green PVC coated post
4-cable roadside barrier
3-cable barrier along the highway
3-Cable Road Barrier

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