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Bridge Crash Barriers with More Safety and Durability

Steel crash barrier, also called guardrail in other places, has been developed in recent years. In some states, it begins to replace traditional concrete rail as a result of the benefits as below. First, it is relatively easy to install and no further maintenance after installation. Second, steel structure won't be affected by cold or hot weather. Third, strong steel structure can reach the same strength as the concrete one. In addition, steel structure allows people in vehicles to look the view along the bridge.

Bridge thrie beam guardrail with welded wire fence as a strong bridge screen
Thrie beam guardrail is widely used in high speed bridge applications. Together with wire fence, it form a firm and safe screen for the bridge traffic.
Single faced double box beam barrier strengthen the safety of vehicles
Double box beam bridge guardrail has more benefits than its count partner - concrete rail. It is powder coated steel structure resist cold or other weather factors. In addition, it allows the light to get through and shows modern appearance. More important, it is very strong and need no maintenance after its installation.
W-beam guardrail connect to the concrete bridge rail
W-beam guardrail to concrete bridge rail transition system is regarded as economic and effective transition.

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