High tension median cable barrier
Galvanized Thrie guardrails divide the area into two isolated places
Median barrier – w-beam guardrail connecting to concrete rail
Galvanized W-beam guardrail on the bridge

Crash Barrier helps the vehicle to run along the right way

Tutus Crash Barrier Company has stepped in one of leading manufacturers and distributors of road crash barrier, guardrail and other road safety products in China. We are proud of making high quality and effective solutions to the world markets. With more than 15 years of experience, Tutus traffic barriers has been recognized by more and more people around the world and exported to the USA, Britain, East Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions.

Crash barriers as roadside and median highway safety guardrail

What are the main purposes of road crash barriers?
Crash barriers (or traffic barrier) or guardrail (for North America) are installed to keep vehicles within their specific roadway and prevent vehicles from colliding with dangerous buildings, walls or even head-on crash.
According to the applications, road safety barrier system can be divided into roadside and median barrier. Roadside crash barrier is used to prevent errant vehicles from entering deep water, traversing slopes or striking objects. Median barrier is designed to prevent errant vehicles from entering wrong way and to reduce the rate of head-on accidents.

What types of crash barriers are provided?
We have 15 years of experience in solving the road safety problems and provide the appropriate methods to road safety according to real conditions. Today W-beam, box beam, open box beam, thrie beam and cable barrier are manufactured and exported.
W-beam traffic barrier is the most popular among road safety systems. Thrie-beam is a little stronger and suitable for large volume of traffic.
Cable barriers are relative cheap and have the similar effectiveness. It is available for roadside or median applications.
Box-beam and open box beam have similar performance as W-beam and can be found in roadside or median.

Why choose us as your guardrail supplier?
The question is easy to answer, but it is hard to fulfill the answer. Our company is and will be take promises as their lives. High quality products are our first promise. However hard our sales are, if our products are not satisfying, no customers won't cooperate with us again. Now we have built long-term relationship with many customers and some of them have introduced their friends to our company.
Second, one-stop solution attracts a lot of clients. You see, not all company has a professional technical team to design road safety systems. But We Have. We can help you to choose appropriate products and right installation methods.

Traffic Guardrail Styles

W-beam crash barrier contacting roadway with bridge

W-beam Guardrail

The most popular guardrail system is used in the many states of USA and other countries. Available as roadside or median applications.

Box beam guardrail with impact head and yellow color

Box Beam Guardrail

Although not so popular as w-beam guardrail, box beam guardrail is widely used in roadside safety applications.

Box beam guardrail with impact head and yellow color

Open Box Beam Barrier

With one more beam than w-beam barrier, thrie beam guardrail is much stronger and used in places where need high strength.

Heavy duty thrie beam guardrail along highway

Thrie Beam Guardrail

As its low cost and multi-purposes, cable barrier is replacing concrete rails. It also reduces the time of installation.

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Hot Products
Median Barrier

Median barrier including W-beam or box-beam guardrail, cable barrier is increasingly used in redirecting the vehicle for lower cost and longer life-cycle.

Cable Barrier

Cable barrier, low or high-tension, is increasingly used in roadside or median highway barriers to control the vehicle.

Safety Guardrail

Safety guardrail system is available for warehouses, workshops, car parks and other places where need protective barrier in short length.

W-Beam Guardrail End Treatment

W-beam guardrail has seven end treatments to suit real conditions. Everyone is available for special sizes.

W-beam guardrail in modular structure is flexible and movable and widely used in car parking lots and warehouses. Special size is provided.
Bridge steel crash barrier includes box beam guardrail, W-beam barrier and thrie beam guardrail. They have more benefits than traditional concrete rail.